Leona Lewis Showcase Performance – An Experience

So this blog post technically doesn’t fall under travel, but it was a brilliant experience I had to both write about and share. Here’s my write up of Leona Lewis’ Showcase Performance.

I never win anything! My luck in life tends to extend into other areas. But on Tuesday April 14, 2015, I was invited to attend a showcase performance of British singer Leona Lewis after winning two tickets via a twitter competition I entered. I was ecstatic!

From the moment Leona auditioned on the X-Factor, to being crowned winner, I’ve been a long term admirer, and dare I say ‘’fan’’ of this talented singer. Attending her performance at Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday celebration at London’s Hyde Park in 2006 was the first time we saw her live, and the last time was her Glassheart Tour in Brighton in May 2013.

I felt aggrieved when her music career ‘’stalled’’ after her second album, felt relieved to hear she left Syco, and excited when Island Records signed her. I knew she had so much more to give, and I was hoping her new record label held the same belief.

After handing in all recordable mobile devices with security at the Hospital Club in Covent Garden, I entered an intimate performance room where waiters stood before me offering alcohol. Red wine in hand, and a few canopies later, me and twenty other fans who also won to attend this event, formed the first line in front of the stage.

Lights out, Leona appeared to the claps and cheers of her audience. Dressed in blue denim three quarter length pants, a white shirt and killer heels, she looked stunning. She treated us to five songs from her new album, all brilliant, up-beat, emotional and distinctively different to her previous tunes. Leona’s vocals were as powerful as ever, but there was another layer of emotion behind the lyrics that felt more personal, especially the song titled “Thank you” written for her mother.

With her parents standing only five metres behind to my right, and Leona Lewis herself an equal distance in front of me, we were all reminded why this talented British singer is a force to be reckoned with.

I lingered towards the end with some of the other “fans’’, in hope she would appear to talk to us. I was surprised when on our way up the stairs, we ran into her. Before security moved her away, Leona managed a heartfelt hello and thank you, and some pictures were taken by some of the other fans. I was slightly disappointed I didn’t actually get the chance to personally thank her for replying to a letter I wrote to her nearly two years ago after the death of my partner. Perhaps I’ll get my chance another time!

But what an amazing experience to be in attendance at such an event. Leona Lewis’ showcase performance was sensational, and the world is in for a real treat when her new single and album drops. Leona Lewis is back! But then, was she ever gone?!

Thank you Island Records and Leona for an evening to remember! Can’t wait for the new album!


  1. Ben · April 28, 2015

    hello I want to write a letter to Leona Lewis. Can you tell me how did you do to write your own? Should I send it to her record label ?


    • trekchick26 · April 28, 2015

      Hi Ben, yes try writing to her current management label at Island Records. All the best.


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