Ant-Man – a movie review

One of the perks of having a sister who works for Disney is free tickets to see movies! In the past ten years while living in London, I’ve been to advanced screenings of films like Oz, the Great and Powerful, Iron Man 3 and Maleficent. I even attended the red carpet premier of Kinky Boots, and ended up at the after party with the likes of Kelly Osborne.

On Monday July 6, 2015, with another two free advanced screening tickets, and a friend in tow, I went to the advanced screening of Ant-Man. Here’s my review of the film.

Con man Scott Lang is released from prison to discover finding a job and proving himself as a responsible father to his daughter is proving much harder than he anticipated. Desperate to get on his feet again, he attempts one more burglary at the home of Dr Hank Pym, and discovers something that will not only change his life, but that of the world.

I’ve never heard of Ant-Man. Apparently, neither have the Avengers! Until now. Based on the comic book series first published in 1962, Marvel’s movie Ant-Man is  a 3D, action packed experience that is very, very funny!

Paul Rudd, who is cast as Ant-Man, is a likeable hero in spite of his past, and his criminal friends are hilarious. Michael Douglas is brilliant as Dr Hank Pym, and Evangeline Lilly, who is cast as Hope Van Dyne, is a woman who knows how to kick ass. It’s a shame we didn’t see her do more of just that.

It’s a movie that will make you laugh and smile, and the 3D effects are great. Who knew being an ant could be so cool!