My Beautiful  Bones – Kutna Hora and the Bone Church 

View of Kutna Hora from St Barbara’s Church

One of the highlight’s during my four day visit to Prague and country number 35, the Czech Republic, was my day trip with Discover Prague Tours to the medievil and Unesco World Heritage listed town of Kutna Hora and Sedlec Ossuary, better know as the Bone Church.

Our modest group of 15 met up with our tour guide for the day, David from Colorado, and after brief introductions, we made our way to Prague’s main train station, Praha hlavni nadrazi for a scenic and comfortable 50 minute trip to Kutna Hora. 

Arriving at the main attraction of All Saints Chapel and Sedlec Ossuary, I was totally blown away by the sight on entering the ossuary. 

The bones of at least 40,000 people are contained here, most of whom died from the plague. It is a display that is a reminder of both life and death, and of people  who once had hopes, dreams fears and aspirations.

The bones were originally organised by a half blind Cistercian monk in 1511, but the current artistic display was arranged by a Czech wood-carver, František RINT, dating back to 1870.

This includes a human bone chandelier which contains all 206 bones of the human body, and the  Schwarzenberg coat-of arms.

” Sometimes I can hear my bones straining under the weight of all the lives I’m not living” (Jonathan Safran Foer).

Granted, as amazing the sight was to see, I did eventually feel a bit weirded out and was happy to return back outside to the “living world”. 

Our day continued seeing some of the main sights in Kutna Hora including the impressive Church of St Barbara , and the Italian Court, former home to the Royal Bohemian Mint.

I would highly recommend a day trip to Kutna Hora, with Discover Prague Tours. David was an excellent and entertaining guide, and I suggest you opt for the lunch option. The hot lunch was cheap, delicious and of large proportions. 

This day trip was the highlight during my visit to Prague and the Czech Republic  It was nice to see the rural parts of the country, and Kutna Hora is a beautiful town. Sedlec Ossuary is quite a mind blowing sight to see! 


Why I travel

Having recently read an article by Lonely Planet about the reasons why their staff travel, I thought I would write my own responses to cap off 2016. 

I travel because I love the excitement of discovering new landscapes, new cultures and meeting new people. I get terribly bored with routine and I love the unknown and curiosity that comes with being in a new foreign culture. I feel more open to possibilities and people.

My travel highlights of 2016: I have been very fortunate to have concluded a 12 month travel sabbatical that ended in July of this year. So there have been so many travel highlights in 2016.  In January of this year I finally saw Angkor Wat in Cambodia, marking this bucket list destination on a milestone birthday.  

I learned how to scuba dive in Thailand. With the initial plan to gain my PADI open water qualification,  I ended up extending my stay to finish with the PADI Advanced open water qualification. Later in the year, I spent one month on a marine diving conservation trip in the Carribbean. And in July, before normal life was to resume, I travelled to Tanzania on an amazing safari trip. 2016 has definitely been a year of bucket list places and events!

My 2017 travel plans: Scuba diving in the Phillippines, Prague and Finland.

My favourite destinations so far: Iceland,  Galápagos Islands and Venice.

Total countries visited so far: 34

Hiking with the Masai Mara in Tanzania was unforgettable.